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Your barre class since 2009

With Lara Foldvari

at The BOG (Barre On the Go)

"It's a barre class, not Swan Lake."

Personal Training

***Lara is currently not accepting new personal training clients due to a full schedule. Please check back to see if this may change.***

Getting fit doesn't have to hurt!

No pain, no gain? No way! I believe that pain does NOT have to be a part of your workout. While a little soreness is to be expected (especially when you are first starting out), you don't have to hurt yourself to see results.

Some TV shows and boot camp-style workouts have many of us thinking that you have to subscribe to unrealistic diets and hardcore workouts to get into shape. Not only is this untrue, and sometimes dangerous, this belief has scared some folks from starting a fitness program.

Personal training is, well, personal. Before we start on this personal journey together, let's make sure we click. The first step is to meet in person and talk about your goals. I want to make sure that I can help you meet them, and if I can't, I will refer you to someone who can.

Please print and fill out these three forms then email them to Lara at [email protected] prior to your first session.


(PDF — 45 KB)


(PDF — 111 KB)

Rates (with tax included):

30-minute Personal Training consultation     $25.00

1-hour session (1)                                       $50.00

5-pack of 1-hour sessions                            $225.00

10-pack of 1-hour sessions                          $425.00

20-pack of 1-hour sessions                          $800.00

Private YoLarates™                                      $35.00

Senior (62 years+ or AARP card)                   $45.00/session

Personal training sessions to be held at Annalisa Studio (1320 Waterbury Road, Cheshire, CT), or the YoLarates™ home studio in Cheshire, CT (Cheshire Street).