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Your barre class since 2009

With Lara Foldvari

at The BOG (Barre On the Go)

"It's a barre class, not Swan Lake."


"I am 48 years old, and proud of it! I stopped lying about my age when I turned 21 and was able to legally purchase wine. What's the point?"

"After years of trial and error on myself, and of successes with students and clients, I believe that I have come up with a very realistic and do-able plan."

PULSE: keep the beat of youth

Purchase Pulse and get:

The 3-4-7 Cleansing Detox Jumpstart

"Sometimes, especially at the beginning of the year, or before a big event, you need a little extra oomph to flatten your belly, get rid of toxins and other garbage that may be slowing you down and making you feel, and maybe look, like crud. Usually I am an advocate of a slow-and-steady, moderate approach to weight loss, but I'm also not immune to over-indulging and wanting to reverse the effects ASAP. And so, my 3-4-7 Cleansing Detox Jumpstart."

Included in the price of the book (Appendix III). For support, send proof of purchase to [email protected] to be added to a private Facebook group made up of other readers, clients, and students who are or have participated in the 3-4-7. 

PULSE: keep the beat of youth

How to stay young and healthy- naturally- with minimal exercise, lots of legumes, some intermittent fasting, and wine.