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Your barre class since 2009

With Lara Foldvari

at The BOG (Barre On the Go)

"It's a barre class, not Swan Lake."

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"Thanks to Lara and YoLarates™, I feel more flexible and more fit! Lara is an awesome teacher, and helps each member of the class with grace and humor. I love Yoga and I love the traditional poses, so I am most appreciative of how Lara mixes classical ...ballet and modern Pilates into the Yoga series. This is a great class!"

~ CG

"Not very sore at all today! Those ballet moves are kick-ass though. Makes me want to learn ballet...again. Feeling good today! Thanks!"

~ TD

"My boyfriend told me my love handles are smaller and my [butt] is lifted!"


"I used the ab machine at the gym the other day. It used to be almost impossible for me to lift my legs up, but it's easier now because of YoLarates!"


"I'm feeling lighter/healthier!!!! ... I had to loosen my belt a notch!"


"I just went to the doctor; I've grown half an inch!"

~YoLarates student and grandmother

"Lara is a very calm and relaxing instructor. I have taken her YoLarates and Pilates classes ... and enjoy every minute of them.She is encouraging and professional while instructing us. Great personality... !!!!!!"


"I just like feeling and looking fit that comes from following your exercise classes and your challenges. Thanks for being so positive and encouraging to we women!"


"Thank you for your enthusiasm and support as we pursue a healthier life."


"Thanks again for a great session on Wednesday! It was an awesome first experience for me."


I am my own best testimonial. In May of 2007 I was 125 lbs. By the end of the year, due to lack of exercise and far too much dietary indulging, I was 160 lbs. Yikes! I spent almost a year in this condition, until I decided that fat-and-happy I was not. (Just fat!) By May of 2009 I was back to 125. In the past few years, my weight will fluctuate a few pounds below that and a few above.

I have re-embraced being physically active. I still eat and drink, but I incorporate

my own 80/20 rule: 80% of what I eat is good for me, 20%, not so much.

If this old girl (45 years old) can lose weight and stay in shape, then you can too. Let me help you!