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Your barre class since 2009

With Lara Foldvari

at The BOG (Barre On the Go)

"It's a barre class, not Swan Lake."

Welcome Back!

Has it been a while since you've been to a barre class with Lara at Annalisa Studio? Did you know that we now have stable barres (the sticks are still used in our YoLarates™ Express class)? We also now offer BarreSlim™ and Ballerobica® classes in addition to the classic YoLarates™ barre class. Did you know that Lara is a Master Barre Instructor (she teaches the teachers) with the International Ballet Barre Fitness Association (the Gold Standard in Barre education)?

We would love to have you back in class! For one time only, if it has been over six months since you've been to class, you can purchase one month unlimited barre fitness classes with Lara at Annalisa Studio for $39! 

Welcome Back Special! 

Welcome Back!